A few days ago Omari posted this Zebra Katz video on my FB wall. “Thought maybe you’d appreciate how this song/vid walks the line of abusrdity and club hit…oh mad decent” he wrote.

Mad Decent eh? Indeed this is a new single from Zebra Katz on Mad Decent’s new imprint, Jeffree. What’s Jefree you ask?

“Our new extension of Mad Decent, Jeffrees, is the best new music -the most progessive, the most amazing. the deepest underground and subterranean sounds from the Earth’s crust; the best sounds available and it’s free.  It’s what Mad Decent was originally made for new artists thinking outside of the box” – Diplo

Very Vogue, and eerie as all hell. Nooooo clue what the words mean, tho admittedly catchy.

Oh and btw, I went to Zebra’s soundcloud in due dilligence. This song is the only one of his I find tolerable. Sorry dude. Interesting video tho. The harlem shaking faux jabbawockeez are quite the added touch.

Much Luv,
[Tr!na | @AmorVsDinero]