1. Merry Christmas!!!

2. I’m 110% certain I haven’t mentioned this yet on here :: but I’m a personal finance freak. Really.

I read about it almost daily, I can be caught writing my monthly budget at my desk (Sshhh), and I can tell you what my total debt is to the nearest thousand off hand. This probably makes me a nerd, but no worries, I’m not clearly my calendar to calculate my net worth or anything. I just enjoy it. Does this mean I’ve met all my financial goals?? Not HARDLY. It’s all easier said than done. And currently, I’m much better on paper than I am in real life.

But…I’ve decided that I’m going to begin integrating posts on finance as/if I see fit. Liiikeeee THIS one! *clears throat*

(I decided to take inventory of the lists in my wallet for this post. Lol, it’s serious.)

I was on BudgetsAreSexy.Com :: they posted this Free Online eBook called How We Prevent Wealth: Personal Finance Reflections. I haven’t read it yet, but after previewing the Chapters, I intend too! Thus, I’m passing it along to anyone else who may be interested…

Most of us have 2012 $$ Resolutions, so, maybe this can get someone going! I hope it’s good! 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: I Prevent Wealth

Chapter 2: We Don’t Believe Wealth is Within Our Reach

Chapter 3: We Don’t Reflect on Where We Stand

Chapter 4: We Don’t Live on a Budget

Chapter 5: We Don’t Educate Ourselves

Chapter 6: We Set Ineffective Financial Goals

Chapter 7: We Get Caught in an Upgrade Cycle

Chapter 8: We are Impulse Spenders

Chapter 9: We are Slaves to Our Credit Cards

Chapter 10: We Change Our Cars Too Often

Chapter 11: We Think Renting is Throwing Away Money

Chapter 12: We Purchase Thirty Year Mortgages

Chapter 13: We are Horrible Investors

Chapter 14: We Don’t Prepare for the Unexpected

Chapter 15: We Don’t Understand the Importance of Retirement Savings

Chapter 16: We’re on a Different Financial Page Than Our Significant Other

Chapter 17: Our Marriages Often End in Divorce

Chapter 18: Our Social “Friends” and Other Distractions Limit our Productivity

Chapter 19: We Don’t Have a Plan to Build Wealth

Chapter 20: We Don’t Understand that Time is Money

Now tell me those Chapters don’t sound DOPERead One, or maybe even a Few.

Much luv,
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