Trey Songz is a hit or miss with me. Sometimes I find him sexy, sometimes I find him utterly obnoxious. At times his voice is amazing, at others he makes my ears bleed. It’s an odd dichotomy I can’t explain.

I haven’t listened to Trey Songz’s “Anticipation 2” mixtape yet…and had no clue he dropped a SECOND mixtape yesterday as well (#LetMeHoldThatBeat2). I did however make my around to this “Still Scratching Me Up” track. It caught my eye. I know I liked “Scratching Me Up” off the Ready album and thought, “Oh, sequel of sorts?? Let’s go”.

Loveeee itttt. I think he was able to capture a lot of the same emotions  from “Scratching Me Up” which is admirable!! Just for that, let me go listen to Anticipation 2 now or else it won’t ever actually happen. You’ve got the next hour of my life Trey, make it count! lol. Here’s a link I found on where you can stream the project straight from their site. I know a lottt of babies are gonna be made this winter, lol.


Much luv,
[Tr!na | @AmorVsDinero]