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So, I least TRY to stay on top of music/new music. I came across this “The Motto” x Drake feat. Lil Wayne track…uh, literally just now. Lol. If that makes me “late”, sue me. Prior to listening, my optimism about the track was at an all time low. After an earload of that sing rap crap Drake been puttin out these days, I kinda had the “kill me” face on in advance. BUT, it’s Drake x Lil Wayne…so I felt obligated to listen.

I wish I could have twitpic’ed the face I made when the beat dropped. I guess it was like…a bug eyed snarl. (Attractive). It’s the kind of beat where I was like, “Omg, is he actually going RAP?!?!. Why what did we ever do to deserve this Drizzy!!”

With permission, I’ma leave the remaining thoughts/opinions up to you on this one. Haha. Honestly, I’m just happy to hear him rapping again.

FYI: His 2nd Studio Album “Take Care” is scheduled for release 11/15/11. And no, I don’t just know these things off the top of my head, it’s called Wikipedia. lol.

Much luv,
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