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I peeped this on HipHopSince1987.com while seeking out Powerhouse footage and AHHHHHH!!! …they made a video for the Dance (A$$) Remix!! O_O Don’t judge me, but I hadn’t actually heard the remix until now. But I mean, we know the original was a “pop that p*ssy” masterpiece sooo…I’m hoping the remix isn’t too far off. Lmfao

Check it out!

Puttin the shots up of the word “Ass” written in all different languages was cool as hell to me!! The chemistry between Big Sean and Nicki Minaj‘s is poppin’. Moreover, Nicki did exactly what the f*ck she was supposed to do!….deliver a raunchy ass verse and an over-sexed cameo. Yes girl, back it up AND dump it. Like YO…it’s the Dance…Ass…Remix…let’s just drop the “Queen” crap for 2 seconds and embrace the ignorance.

Personally, I appreciate Nicki all over again. lol.

Much luv,
[Tr!na | @AmorVsDinero]