Fail. I swore I knew what the next #NowBlaring track was gonna be after kicking it off with “Slight Work” . (Not saying what that song was, cause I still plan to blog it). Issue is, my musical taste seems to be stuck on “Hip-Winding Ignorance” right now. #dontjudgeme.

Let’s start with, I love T-Pain. Always have. I have all his projects, even the fucking THIRTY track long prEVOLVEr Mixtape (T-Pain, you drawled with that one. Noone wants 30 of anything besides dollars). Anywho, it’s another leak from the forthcoming rEVOLVEr album dropping Dec 6th. Per YouTube, “the album version will have another featured artist on the track.”

…which is all fine and dandy until I thought, “Wait, we make music video’s for unfinished tracks now?? Oh.”

Warning: The lyrics are NOTHING special. Like, dig this, “I’ma boss. Get lost. Maybach! Rick Ross” -_- Oh T-Pain, I love him still.

Ironically, the song is arguably about…Nothing.
Catchy. Ignorant. T-Pain.
Sidebar: who TF is Detail?? *shrugs*

Much luv,
[Tr!na | @AmorVsDinero]