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It’s here! Gah. I’ve been meaning to kick off my #NowBlaring series for a minute. Rules are simple, I gotta be lowkey obsessed with the track (even if it’s only for the moment), and “blare” it while I write the post. *cranks volume in headphones* But…similar to how f*cking difficult it is to kick off an IH paper, I didn’t know where to begin!! So, I put it on the back burner until it felt organic. Okay, now I’m blabbering, anywho!

Today, my brother Kel texted me like 80 songs to check out. And by 80, I mean four (lol). I started with the Wale x Big Sean jawn he was talmbout, causeeeee I love those two individually. Them together was a no contest. WhenΒ I saw on twitter it was produced by DiploΒ O_O, my heart nearly skipped a beat at the prospects.

So, I YouTubed that b*tch, and have been boppin hard AF in bed since. Bet you $5 dollars you do the same. I can’t wait to get this track into the whip. Putting it on my iPad riiiiightt now. The beat is infectious. I’m all for running a song in the ground and it’s over for this one. Like, in real life.

I wonder if I can get Philly Will to spin this at #JustJam on Sunday?! Wait, duh, I can. Yes, it shall be played! lol. Goodness gracious, is it 11.1.11 yet, cause I know Wale’s album is about to do ONE. THING.

Much luv,
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