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Sooooo…. Jen on twitter tweeted, “Feeling Rihanna new video..!!” and the hunt began! Lol. I scoured YouTube unsuccessfully (-_-) before realizing Jen herself had posted the link just one tweet prior. Smh, #fail.


I have no words (lol). It’s amazing, dramatic, sexy, raunchy even…like, OMG. Although, there’s a willddddd amount of drug related visual references…and, the entire video itself kinda looks like you’re on E. But I digress. Anywho, Rihanna is the fucking one yo. This b*tch is undeniably amazing. Why haven’t I seen her on tour yet?! I’m slippin, lol.

Thoughts?? Don’t front like you dont have any, lol.

Much luv,
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