If you’re looking for some extensive, fanciful, dissertation on why I’m excited about and support this event….nope, not happ’nin!! Nor will it happen, not on this blog at least.

But I will say, I’m wayyyyy excited to go to Veteran Freshman “Soul Sounds Session” this Sunday, October 23rd, 8pm, The Blockley, 38th & Chestnut. (runs to twitter to reaquaint herself with the roster, lol)

I’ve been such a hip hop head these days that I have noooo clue what the current state of R&B in Philly is these days. I’ve seen Cody Kahmar & Beano perform a handful of times. I’ve heard Selina Carrera’s name quite a bit but haven’t had time to familiarize myself just yet…I do however know her hair is super cool.  Lmfaooo. ANYwho, I’m interested to see what everyone else had to offer! Yusuf Muhammad  himself assembled the roster so I’m sure it won’t dissapoint (no pressure Yuie, lol).

While ur here…peep the video I have of Joe Budden at the Blockley. Both Beano and Cody Kahmar were among the openers. The proof is in the pudding kids.

Tickets are $10 online (click HERE to buy), and $12 at the door which opens at 7. I anticipate it will be the perfect way to end my weekend.

Much luv,
[Tr!na | @AmorVsDinero]