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Recently a good friend of mine tweeted about how they were caught by one of the Red Light Camera’s near City Hall. This forced me to visit my own red light camera experience at Broad & Hunting Park.  The whole thing was quite unfortunate because I lived around the corner. Being put in such imminent financial danger on a daily basis was so stressful, I promptly began taking a more “scenic route”. If you can call any part of North Philly scenic.

Anywho, my thought on red light cameras are this…. its a b*tch move. Lol. Its a b*tch move… itssssss a b****tttchhhh move. I feel like, if you, as the physical police officer, are not there to hold me accountable as I run a yellow light, then dammit I’m not accountable. Period.

Similarly, jaywalking citations are equally as frivolous. It’s referred to as petty crime for a damn reason.  I’ve told so many people my thoughts on this, and my spiel on this, and my [another word thats a synonym for spiel] on this that they have have to be sick of hearing it. ANYWHO. Literally, its not even what I feel on this, it’s the only opinion there is to be had on jaywalking.

I feel as though, and you all should feel as though, jaywalking should not be a punishable crime in any city, municipality, or bumblef*ck town anywhere. If I jaywalk and I make it across safely, where’s the issue? Oh right. There is none. And if I don’t, well then you know what happens, I’m either injured OR I DIE. I’m fairly certain that “injured or dying” is a self fulfilling prophecy/punishment right there.

Man. Just because of that I jaywalk every opportunity presented to me! But, I drive a lot. Lol. I have a car and am not often found on foot. If you find me on foot, something is really probably going wrong in my life. But when I *am* on foot, you best’s believe I’m jaywalking.

I’m an outlaw like that. Friggin’ come and get me.

❤ Amor Vs Dinero ❤